The Morning and The Sun


Morning, the best thing that could happen to a Day, the birth of its own. When the sun rises out of its bed, the birds start chirping with their welcome song and the sweet breeze embraces the morning and makes it most refreshing part of the day. Morning with its sweet aroma, puts fresh energy into people, revives them from tiredness and motivates them to shine like a sun and be best from their yesterday.

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Most of us must have heard the proverb “Early to Bed and Early to Rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”. Honestly, I could never put that in my life due to extended late night work schedules and if ever that has happened, could be once in a blue moon.


One day, I along with my friends, planned for a bike ride to a hill top to watch the beauty of sun rise and we had to start our journey at 3 AM in the morning. I couldn’t sleep the previous night as I was thrilled for that blue moon to occur. As planned, we got slightly deviated and started our ride at 4 AM. The hill top is 4,851 ft (1,479 m) above sea level.  The journey was equally fun, exciting and terrifying. An exclusive separate blog will soon be out on this. It was one of the amazing winter days in January and was so chilled that we were almost frozen. After about 1 hour 50 mins of roller coaster ride, we reached at the hill top at 6 AM. The Dawn had almost arrived and from such a height we could easily feel the clouds passing through by us. As it was a chilled Sunday morning, the Sun also took its own time and woke up a bit late.


Here is the glimpse of the then most waited celebrity, THE SUN, who got up like a baby and started painting the canvas into a warm orange color. I had never experienced such a breathtaking moment before. The milky clouds, cool breeze, green hills were just icing on the cake. I was totally lost and wishing for that moment to be paused.  A cup of hot tea was just an added compliment. We had some wonderful captures and enjoyed the moment to the fullest. What else one could wish for? Just WOW …!!!

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  1. Your post is so refreshing! Aside from the stunning pictures, you shared a good deal of details about what’s with morning. I can pretty much relate because here in my side of the planet, specifically in my room, as soon as 6 am strikes, I can clearly hear the melodious chirping of the birds as if they invite me to rise and fly with them! It’s nice you had an experience camping out to witness the magic that happens up there.
    Thank you, now I’m a follower. 🙂

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    1. Avi's Space says:

      Thank you @thebluetamarind.
      Please stay tuned, there are many such refreshing and exciting contents are coming on the way :).

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  2. karathehuman says:

    Wonderful post, and with such beautiful pictures!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Avi's Space says:

      Thank you @ karathehuman


  3. Beautiful photos. I love a good adventure at sunrise, too!


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