Good Food and Sound Sleep…What Else You Need???

The reason why I’m writing this blog is, currently I am starving for both of these. Being a bachelor, working and staying in a city which is more than a thousand miles away from your family, is a real pain.


Eating everyday outside, is what you can’t afford and not always healthy as well. But the current situation of mine has left me with no other options. That does not mean that I can’t cook…of-course I can. The chef inside me do burns sometimes to come out but the 10 hours of hectic work in office, almost 3 hours of to & fro travelling and one hour of intense workout at Gym just leave me completely drained and exhausted. It’s not that I stay too far from my workplace but it’s the never ending gridlock problem of The Silicon Valley of India that adds hours to my travelling. All I need is a ready-made food, and a sound sleep.


Photography and Videography have always been my favorite pastime. But from past few months, I have actually taken these seriously and I am dedicating few hours every day to it. I do go for photoshoots in my weekend and spend following weekdays editing those photos in Lightroom. So those extra hours dedicated for doing what I actually love to do, eats up my sleeping time. Who really cares about sleep, when you are engulfed in your passion. I wish I could always spend entire night doing my favorite job but thoughts of tomorrow’s office horrify me and grab me to the bed. These are the reasons because of which I have mentioned in my previous blog (the-morning-and-the-sun) that I wake up early once in a Blue Moon.


Snoozing the alarm for extra 5 minutes in the morning has always landed me in having a Brunch at 1PM. Yes, it makes me late due to which I have to skip my Breakfast which ideally I should not do. And this repeats till the weekend. Friday night, I dream of having a 12 hours of tight sleep the following day and turn off my alarm. But the biological clock in me wakes me up and doesn’t let me sleep beyond 8.

 I am not asking for too much. All I need is, a good food and a proper sound sleep. What do you think…???


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  1. Reblogged this on jobhunters2014 and commented:
    Nice Blog✌️


    1. Avi's Space says:

      Thanks @pravaskumarpatra


  2. In today’s fast-paced living, it’s a luxury for us to get a real sound sleep and savor yummy, healthy food. Just what we all need. You are not alone! 🙂

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    1. Avi's Space says:

      Thanks @thebluetamarind…..I hope, i’ll find these soon…its 12:40 AM at my place and I am still awake.


  3. I like this! I could definitely use a good night’s sleep myself but having a 4 year old child and needing to be up early in the morning makes this impossible…one day right 🙂


  4. Great post!! I love it!! Oh and I’m not gonna lie… your very first photo just made me hungry haha! I wish you much success on your blogging journey!


  5. Your post title is very enticing! If i just have these two, the former which i love the most n the latter which i hardly get… i ll have all the time in the world for every passion to nurture! Hope u r blessed with both n keep yourself energised to carry out all your interests!!

    Nice write up!


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