The Day I Missed My Flight:


It was the eve of my cousin’s wedding when I have a flight booked a month back for the occasion. It was Friday and I had planned to leave my office by 4 PM as the airport is 50KM away and leaving 4 hours prior should be sufficient to reach airport for the scheduled 8 PM flight.
I had all my packing done the night before and woke up early in the morning. There was the excitement running in my mind continuously for the wedding in my family after a long time, meeting parents, all cousins, some of whom I haven’t met since ages, feeling of going to your city after so long,  everything was just so awesome. I was not feeling like going office even for half day. But the thought of leaving office early around 3:30 kept me motivated and I went early to office.
As planned, I left office around 3:30 and booked a cab for airport. I got a cab in next 5-6 mins and sat inside.

Cab Driver: Sir, where do you want go?
Me: Airport
Cab Driver: Sorry Sir, I can’t take you to airport.
Me: Why…after all I am paying for this.
Driver: It is very far, Sir.

What the hell!!!… That screwed me and I had no other option other than getting down from his cab and tried booking another cab as I still had ample amount of time to reach airport.
The next cab got booked in 10 mins and the driver told that he would be there in next 5 mins to pick me up. It was more than 15 mins and the second cab was yet to reach, when I got a call from the driver.

Driver: Sir, where is the drop?
Me: Airport.
Driver: Sorry Sir, I am cancelling the ride.
Me: What!! You could have told me earlier. Why did you keep me waited for….

Before I could complete, the call has already been disconnected.

By this time, I was pissed off with these cab service company. It was 5:15 PM and I was still at the same place struggling to get a cab. I told enough to myself and booked a premium cab. The third driver reached to pick me up at 5:40. The very first question I asked him was “drop is airport, will you go?” Yes, replied the driver. Hearing that, I breathed a sigh of relief, got inside and asked him to start the ride. I asked the driver if we could make it before 7 PM. Yes Sir, replied the driver. Being a premium cab, it had free WIFI. I sat back, put my headphones and started watching Youtube.


There was heavy traffic, so the driver suggested that there was another route and that was shorter by 10  Km and won’t be much crowded, to which I readily agreed.
Dusk had already arrived and it was almost dark. I hardly could see any car in that alternate route. Just to be sure I checked google map. It showed that I was on correct route and I should reach airport by 6:50 PM.
After few minutes, the car started slowing down and started jerking. Through the rear view mirror, I asked the driver, “What happened”? Don’t know sir, let me check replied the driver. He stopped the car and went out. The moment he opened car’s bonnet, I could see thick smoke coming out of it. He then came to me and told, “Sir please book another cab, this would need a mechanic to fix.”
That is when I started panicking and felt like my stress level had increased. I started looking for another cab but could hardly see any in the app. I was in the middle of nowhere; completely helpless, clueless and slowly started feeling hopeless too.


I thought to myself, there was no point standing there and panicking, so I started walking towards the airport, when I got another cab.
The fourth one looked old and gentle too. Briefly I narrated my entire deadly story, as he was looking at me with pitiful eyes. Don’t worry, everything will be alright, replied the driver.
It was 7 PM and I was still on the way. Nightmare was not end still. In the middle, the driver lost the way too. But somehow he managed to reach at the airport. But it was too late. It was 8:10 already and I saw my flight taking off.  And to add, that was the last flight for the day.
I was extremely depressed and was feeling like crying. I was completely blank and was not able to think of what to do next. The only feeling I had in my mind was a lot of anger for the stupid bogus cab service companies because of whom I was in that situation. But you see “Everything happens for a reason”, which ofcourse I had no idea of at that moment. But as it is rightly been said “You can only connect dots by looking backward” which I also realized later.

Stay Tuned To Know What Happened Next…!!!

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