The Day I Missed My Flight:

It was the eve of my cousin’s wedding when I have a flight booked a month back for the occasion. It was Friday and I had planned to leave my office by 4 PM as the airport is 50KM away and leaving 4 hours prior should be sufficient to reach airport for the scheduled 8 PM…

Good Food and Sound Sleep…What Else You Need???

The reason why I’m writing this blog is, currently I am starving for both of these. Being a bachelor, working and staying in a city which is more than a thousand miles away from your family, is a real pain. Eating everyday outside, is what you can’t afford and not always healthy as well. But…

The Morning and The Sun

Morning, the best thing that could happen to a Day, the birth of its own. When the sun rises out of its bed, the birds start chirping with their welcome song and the sweet breeze embraces the morning and makes it most refreshing part of the day. Morning with its sweet aroma, puts fresh energy…

Welcome To Avi’s World

Hi there, I heartly welcome you to Avi’s World. As we are working in bringing some awesome contents which you gonna love reading and sharing with your friends, let me give you a small idea of what you will find in this site. Here you will get all sort of exciting Blogs from various genres….

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me! Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton